Debbie Wilson Counselling

(MBACP Accred)

Therapeutic counsellor for adults and couples and clinical supervisor in Godalming, Surrey and online throughout UK

How Counselling Can Help

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change." Carl Rogers

Counselling offers the opportunity to talk confidentially to a trained professional who will accept and support you as you make your way forward. Sometimes life feels very challenging and we can feel overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, depression or a general sense of sadness or overwhelm. It can happen gradually or there may be a sudden event when we realise our usual coping skills are not working as well as they used to and we feel “stuck”. Counselling therapy can help us to understand ourselves and maybe to look at our responses in a different way. You may want to explore your emotions and feelings about events in the past or look at a current issue or relationship. Through greater awareness and clarity it is my hope that you may experience insights into your world and an improved sense of wellbeing leading to the possibility of change.

By embracing flaws and imperfections we can create something even stronger

Types of issues I work with:





Over whelming emotions

Suicidal thoughts

Self harm



Sense of lack of purpose or meaning


Relationship issues (couples)

Repeating patterns in relationships (individuals or couples)

Attachment styles

Identity issues

Behaviours that worry you

This list is by no means exhaustive, please do contact me to see how I can help you.

Relationship Counselling

You may be reading this because you are worried about your couple relationship. Perhaps you see unhelpful behaviour patterns that you can’t break out from, or maybe issues from your individual histories are getting in the way of you having a satisfying relationship. Your relationship may be under stress as a result of external issues or transitions. I offer a safe space to work through issues that are having an impact on your relationship either working individually or with you as a couple. I have had specialist couples therapy training to work both face to face and online and can help by facilitating discussions whilst maintaining a neutrality with both of you. I also have experience working with couples who have decided to separate and supporting discussions around managing this difficult time. I welcome all couples to my practice and when working together your relationship is my client. We can together explore what may be getting in the way of you meeting your joint goals. To find out more about couples counselling please do get in touch with me.